Special features

Easy to sow wheat without ploughing and take more benefit.

Saves diesel, time and expenditure and you can take more benefits

Technical Specifications

Type Gear Box PTO Driven Duplex Chain/Gear Drive L-type blades/Single Speed/Multi Speed  
Tractor HP 65 ABOVE 55-65 40-55 40-55
Working Width(inch/cm) 88/220 78/195 60/152 60/152
Number of blades 60 54 42 42
Seed Capacity 106 96 89 89
Fertilizer Capacity 114 103 89.5 75
Seed/fertilizer Capacity Broadcasting Type
Seed/Fertilizer Metering Dev Fluted Roller

Note: As our policy is of continuous development, a specification may change without prior notice. For further detail contact your nearest dealer.

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